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December 2018 Wind Scoop

Submitting photos and articles for the Wind Scoop:

We love photos and articles and will do our best to include them in the Wind Scoop. Photos and articles must be submitted by the third Wednesday of the month. Send your articles as a Word attachment and your photos by email to For best results, photos should be saved as JPEG or similar file, be less than one MB and send as an attachment to your email.
How to take photos for the newsletter and website.
Vertical is legal too: Sailboats are tall, not wide.
The horizon: Sailboats lean over. But the horizon needs to be LEVEL. Look at it while composing your shot. 
Focused: Electronic cameras focus themselves, but it takes a few seconds to do this. Wait for it.
No odd bits of equipment or people at the edges. Look at ALL of your shot, not just what you're focusing upon.
No dates or written notations on the photo itself. Send that information separately.